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Who is Lia?

Business travel is changing, join us on the journey

Meet Lia, your personal travel assistant. Lia simplifies the business travel process, removing the frustration that is often associated with making and reconciling travel arrangements.

Businesses using Lia are saving in excess of 20% on their travel spend, having more productive business trips, and benefiting from easy access to their travel itinerary and booking information.

Fast and friendly, we’ve designed the platform specifically with bookers and travellers in mind. With a quick 3-step booking process, choosing a flight or booking a hotel has never been easier. Let Lia find you the best offer and make your next trip a great one!

Business travel, solved.


What our Customers Think

It’s easy to see why so many people choose Lia


Paul Bertie

CFO, Media24 eCommerce

“It’s easy to book and we are charged on a transactional basis which makes the invoicing straight forward. The approval process also gives the approver visibility of cheaper flights in a similar time slot. As a result we are able to manage our travel costs at a very detailed level. On top of this, Lia’s Mobile App allows the approvers to finalise the booking on their mobile devices. Lia has streamlined the way we plan, book and approve our business travel.”

"Lia has streamlined the way we plan, book and approve our business travel. It’s easy to book and we are charged on a transactional basis which makes the invoicing straight forward.”


Safwat Adams

Publishing, Via Afrika

“In my 25 years in the Publishing Industry, I have yet to come across a more efficient and a more effective user-friendly way of doing travel and conference bookings. It’s one big pleasure using Travel with Lia for doing bookings."


Hayley Du Sart

Administration, Spree

“I love using Travel with Lia! The application provides an easy to navigate system that is backed up by an informative, supportive, and professional team. It is reliable, promptly providing and highlighting the most cost effective travel options available.”


Fatima Vinoos

PA, NB Publishers

“Lia is a very user-friendly site that makes booking travel easy! The staff are helpful and super friendly. It's the best and simplest way of booking all types of travel by far! I hope to be able to make international bookings soon.”


We’ve got it all covered

Built for business

We understand your reporting needs, Excel reports, and approval processes. Ultimately, we know you need to manage your budget.

Astonishingly fast

Seriously, we’re not even kidding. Book your flights, hotel, and cars in a few minutes. You’ll love the speed.

You’re in control

All the airlines and hotels you can think of. All at your personalised corporate rates. Changes and cancellations are handled seamlessly.

Use it anywhere

On the go, at the office, your home, or the airport. Book travel, keep tabs on your itinerary, and view reference numbers via our mobile app.

Make a Booking

Set up your trip in three easy steps



Search for your flight, hotel, car or shuttle reservation. You can even do all of them at once with our MultiSearch. Enter your search criteria and we’ll find all the relevant travel options.



Now we’ll show you all your options, with the most cost-effective items marked for you to find easily. Simply make your selection and proceed. It’s easy, and once you’ve chosen your travel arrangements we will ask you for some details of your trip and passengers.



Create your trip and submit it for approval. Your approver will get a message asking them to confirm the booking. You won’t be charged until the bookings are approved.


The 90 second video below will show you just how easy it is to search, pick and book your travel on Lia. Go on, we know you want to watch it.

On the go

With you every step of the journey

See your booking details

All your booking details and flight ticket references are conveniently shown in the app.

Get directions

You’ll never get lost. Lia automatically shows directions for all your trips on the day.


Book and approve on the go

No need to use a PC - book and approve your division’s flights right from within the app.

Frequent flyer

Add your frequent flyer details to ensure you earn points/miles on your flights.

Crunch the Numbers

Drive savings, optimize your spend


Set up your company approvals

Follow our straightforward process to set up your company’s approval workflow, where you can specify exactly who can approve travel arrangements. There’s also an option to delegate to a secondary or master approver. You simply set up your approval workflow under this easy-to-use section and choose who you would like to put in control.

Check and confirm every step of the way

Compare amounts that were approved (purchase orders) to what was invoiced, measure the variance, and log a dispute if necessary. Add a message into the dispute section and one of our agents will get back to you to resolve it. You can also view more details to see immediate recon references. If required, you can filter and export your results to Excel.


Get your Account Statement

Stay in control by reviewing your up-to-date account statement. All expense invoices can be viewed by selecting a specific time period. You can also drill down by booker and traveller so you can instantly find exactly what you are looking for. No waiting, no stress. All you have to do is export to Excel for a more detailed analysis.

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